Saturday, October 11, 2014

Star Student

Wesley was Star Student at school this week, which gave me the opportunity to go into his class on Thursday and share with his classmates more about who he is, what he likes, and why he is who he is. Earlier this fall, Courtney at Pudge and Biggs shared a book she wrote to introduce her daughter with Down syndrome to her new kindergarten class. I loved the simplicity of the text and the appeal to kindergartners, so I based quite a bit of what I shared with Wesley's class off of her book.

Before sharing with Wesley's class, I prayed that God would help me to present Wesley clearly to the class in a way that his classmates could understand, and that God would give them a heart to love Wesley.  Here is what I shared:

Wesley is in kindergarten.
He wears a backpack and eats a sack lunch.
He has a desk and a chair that are just for him.
Maybe that sounds like you.

Wesley likes to play with his brothers.
He builds lots of things with legos - especially towers and carousels.
He loves to play the piano, sing, and dance.
His favorite place to be is outside - playing soccer, swimming, and playing on the playground.
Maybe you enjoy doing these things too.

Wesley's favorite foods are noodles, hot dogs, sandwiches, bananas, and goldfish.
He loves to eat french fries at McDonalds and play in the playland.
Maybe you like some of these foods too.

Wesley has brown eyes.
He has straight hair and wears glasses.
He has a big smile and no loose teeth yet.
Maybe he looks like you.

Wesley has special needs.
Maybe those words are something new.

Wesley is not sick.
He is not hurting and he is not a baby.
He wants to be treated like a kindergartner.
Maybe you want to be treated that way too.

Wesley has a hard time saying words.
He has a hard time understanding what other people are saying to him.
He might have a hard time sitting still.
Maybe wiggling is something you sometimes do.

Wesley can still be a good friend.
He can play games and climb and run.
He can laugh and share and jump and dance.
Maybe he'll do some of those things with you.

Wesley is in kindergarten.
He knows the alphabet and rides the bus.
He is so happy he can share Mrs. ***** with you.
Maybe you are too.


Becky said...

That is so perfect and amazing..brought tears to my eyes. You family and you are amazing and so shine Christ's light through all you do. Thanks for sharing such a special moment in his life.

Rochelle said...

Great presentation!