Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Therapist, Our Friend

Several weeks ago we said goodbye to a dear woman who had in many ways become like family to us in the year that we knew her.  She knew and understood the ins and outs of Wesley's strengths and struggles better than most, and she had a true gift in helping him.  With her guidance, Wesley began playing games this year and trying new things that had overwhelmed his sensory system up until now.  Through her instruction, we began implementing structures at home that have helped him to understand boundaries, routines, and rules.  As well, because of her own past, she could relate to Zach as Wesley's brother and was a help to me in encouraging me to pursue specific outlets for him.

When concerns for Liam began showing up, she recognized the red flags and took him under her wing.  She was able to quickly identify the sensory and motor planning areas that he most struggled with and put together a plan to help him, including beginning the same brushing and compression regimen we used to use with Wesley and putting him into a SPIO vest.  And God used her skill and care for our boy to completely change his life.  Within a month, he was a different child.  Now, four months later, the 40% delays in speech, feeding and fine motor skills are all but gone.

When I look back at the past year, I can clearly see how God brought her into our lives for such a time as this.  Our boys are different than they would have been because of her.  And although she has now moved on to new and exciting opportunities, she has given us wonderful tools to continue to help our boys as we move forward.  We will never forget her and the gift that she was to us.